Some people consider the proposal to be a more important occasion than the actual wedding. The surprise proposal, done in a beautiful, romantic, sentimental way, can be personally tailored and thought about by the man of your dreams, especially for you! Now, if he does it right, a girl can be blown away! a memory to hold in her heart forever, not to mention that exquisite diamond ring to show off and be a constant reminder of the day that special someone asked them to be theirs forever. It will make any girl feel like the most desired and only worthy woman alive in their lover’s eyes.

The Perfect proposal is one of those topics to which there is no right answer. Choosing the best place or way to propose comes down to that of the individual and their unique personality. I could bombard you with a hundred different ideas for proposals, but what makes it meaningful is that it comes from the heart and the intimate knowledge that one has of their partner, what makes them tick, laugh, feel sexy, what makes them melt. Think about it logically, from a man’s perspective, what goes through their head when they make that decision to propose? Firstly, he’s probably far too worried about choosing the ultimate place to do it, perhaps runs through the old cliches, a favorite restaurant?, The first place they met? In front of family and friends? A romantic holiday destination?  Written in the sand? or maybe in today’s society, we could even go down the ‘keeping up with technology scene’ – proposals by text message? A declaration of love through a facebook status or even send an Email! No, seriously, as they say in instruction manuals “Do not try this at home”! I think she would be loathing you rather than loving you.

All jokes aside, the ultimate proposal, performed correctly, shouldn’t matter where it’s done, but hows its done that holds the key to ‘the perfect proposal’. It’s the words that you say and the way that you say it. If you’re gazing deeply into that someone’s eyes, pouring every word from your heart into theirs, then everything around you just becomes a blur and you become lost in that moment. It’s that feeling right then, that you and she will treasure forever.

Showing that you know that person inside and out with every word, using that soft, gentle, sexy, yet authoritative voice that all guys can turn on when they want to. The sort of tone that makes a girl want to rip your clothes off can actually trigger enough endorphins to produce that almighty ‘Yes!’ that you so desperately anticipated – the other ‘Yes’ can follow, right girls?

“it’s the way that you ask, the words that you choose, that will
capture her heart forever”

If you think about it, the wedding is largely planned by us ladies (as it should be) and can also be incredibly memorable, romantic, every girl’s dream come true, it’s the confirmation of your commitment to one another. However, the true sentiment lies at the moment where you make that decision that this is the ‘one’ and it’s then that you accept them to be your lifelong partner.

So, choose the perfect diamond ring, it’s easy to gauge whether she is the bold and blingy type or subtle and elegant from the jewellery she already wears and her personality (make sure you keep the receipt – just-in-case). Next think of a place that maybe means something to both of you, it doesn’t need to be expensive or extravagant. And remember, its the way that you ask, the words that you choose, that will capture her heart forever.