There are many reasons why a woman would say “I do”.  For every women it’s very different what may or may not be an important factor in the marriage process.

Some women could think a man is desirable because he is rich, buys the biggest diamond, or has a high status job. Others may fixate on finding a man that is good looking and powerful. Maybe he drives a nice car? perhaps he is amazing in bed! Maybe all of the above? And yes, while all of these attributes are very appealing, most women would probably agree that more than money and material make a real man. A man you could actually say “I do” to and mean it!!

Here are some of the more heartfelt reasons why a women would say those two life changing words.

1) Love! Yes it comes in various forms, all of which are important. You may ask yourself, does he truly love me? or does he think I look good on his arm? A woman says “I do” because she feels loved and believes wholeheartedly that this love will last forever.

2) She misses him when he’s not there! Almost like when you forget to take your phone with you when you’re out, you realise how much you need and rely on his presence!

3) Because he loves her as much on her bad days as he does on her good ones! PMT, being ill, those days when you just feel ugly!

4) He would protect her with his life! Every woman wants to feel safe and loved enough that she is worth protecting.

5) He would never knowingly hurt her, emotionally or physically. Never cheat or take advantage.

6) Because he’s her best friend. She should be able to tell him anything without feeling judged.

7) He believes in her. A women needs a man who will support her life long ambitions and aspirations.

8) Because he has a beautiful soul, can appreciate hers, and just by looking into one anothers eyes can see the beauty within.

9) Making her feel wanted and desired, like no other girl on this earth could come close.

10) She can picture having his children and knows that he would make a great father, a man that is selfless. This also goes for women who don’t want children. When you marry someone, you are giving them a part of you, sharing yourself intimately, physically and emotionally.

For a marriage to work, most women would agree that mutual love, love that is pure between two people, holds a multitude of magical, unique reasons for saying “I do” and would mean that if your love for each other is real, the reasons proposed in this article are already there. Therefore, the one and only best reason why any woman would say “I do” is simply and ultimately, because she loves him!!!!