Gold in today’s society symbolises love, power and wealth. However, not all that is glamorous is what it seems. We as humans are attracted to what we find aesthetically pleasing to the eye. This article will open your eyes to topics that may make you think twice about where your gold actually comes from.

All gold has its value. Fairtrade gold is without a doubt the only gold that should hold any real value in the world. The fairtrade gold organisation offers a lifeline to poor, exploited small­scale miners around the world, linking consumer jewellery with the source of their purchases.

Fairtrade gold and precious metals stem from a passion for truth and justice and has developed into an organisation that strives wholeheartedly to push for transparency and traceability of gold, something invisible to the public. Possibly unknown by many or chosen to be something we turn a blind eye to, simply because we don’t see, therefore can pretend it does not exist, lies the harsh reality of the hidden truth behind Artisanal Miners finding it hard to access legal mining rights. This leads to small-scale miners being forced into running illegal and unethical operations in order to simply feed their families. Not only working in extremely hazardous, dangerous conditions with virtually no health and safety measures in place. Also exposed to using unregulated toxic chemicals with no training. Chemicals such as mercury can hold a devastating risk to the miners health and their environment.


Fairtrade Certification insists on these small scale mining companies meeting rigorous fairtrade standards on working conditions. In order for an item of gold to actually be labeled as fair trade, the organisation producing the gold must follow specific guidelines for the conditions of their workers, including strict rules on child labour, women’s rights, adequate training on health and safety, clean technology, proof of organisational management, absolute traceability of their mining operations while also being accountable for environmental management and protection.

As incentive for these mining organisations to follow these regulations, they are offered the guarantee of receiving the fairtrade minimum price of 95%of the current LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) ­ by whom the international agreed price of gold is set, including a premium of $2,000 dollars per kilogram of gold allocated to put back into their community and development projects. This also allows the miners international market access.

To ensure consumers are safe in the knowledge, their gold purchases have been produced by companies that operate under humane conditions. All fair trade jewellery and gold products are stamped with the fairtrade gold mark.


Ultimately, fairtrade gold has been established to reduce the existence of forced poverty and exploitation, a topic we are all aware has not been a priority to be made public knowledge. It is important to learn where our jewellery and splendour is originally sourced. Glamorous products that hold the possibility of such a devastating history can turn what we once viewed as beautiful into something tainted and ugly.

Precious Metal London’s jewellery is ethically sourced, sustainable and carries the reassurance of the fairtrade mark. We believe in the importance of our customers being confident in the knowledge, that with each purchase comes the guarantees that the fair trade association offers.

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