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Fairtrade Gold – everything you need to know

Gold in today’s society symbolises love, power and wealth. However, not all that is glamorous is what it seems. We as humans are attracted to what we find aesthetically pleasing to the eye. This article will open your eyes to topics that may make you think twice about where your gold actually comes from.

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How to select the correct diamond

There are many aspects to consider when choosing the perfect diamond for you or your partner. Without question, the most important consideration is personal preference. The reason behind what may attract someone to any given diamond ring is rarely questioned. It either catches your eye or it doesn’t! and individual taste is the one thing that remains pure, having no suggested guidelines or rules.
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A Brief History Of The Engagement Ring

A ring on her finger occupies the mind of most women at some stage in their life. This is not only because we desire something beautiful to display to others, but also because of what it symbolises today, the love of another. The sheer romantic notion that somebody wants to spend the rest of their life with you, only you! and the declaration of this to the world unveiled through the uniqueness of that chosen ring.

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