Fathers – one can never imagine an easier life without them. They stand taller than hedge stones. They speak mighty words that can calm even the most ill-tempered human being. They, too, will tame the most ferocious creatures to keep us as far away from harm as possible.

Locked in their affection and love, we realize how grateful we are that we have been blessed with men who will never give up on us.



Aside from our favorite sports, academic activities, and what have you, our dads are the best go-to guy when it comes to love and relationships, too. A father may look really tough on the outside. But what really makes up for his whole person is his innate ability to listen and guide us.


So, we often find ourselves wondering, especially now that Father’s Day is coming, how to give back and show them how much we appreciate them and the little and big things that they have done for us. We know it is a challenge! After all, our dads have been 100% supportive of all our aspirations; and, cheered us on each time we pursue our goals in life.

Which brings us to settling the score – they deserve countless treats on Father’s Day. So we’ve got tips to let you shower him with affection from thereon.


Let your dad know that you’ve got his back. Be there for him as he has been there for you when you were younger. Your love for your father comes in strongly each time you provide him with the emotional support that he may not ask, but sure needs.

Talk to him regularly. There is a good reason why we have phones at home and smartphones in our pockets. It’s always good to swap pleasantries as well as seek his advice on matters, which are important to you. He’ll be bowled over by the fact that you still value him and his thoughts after all these years.

Treat him to a picnic in the park and a throw of frisbee. Relive your childhood moments as well as release your dad’s inner child. Nothing beats the feeling of sitting on a warm blanket, flanked by sandwiches and dessert, and a bottle of his favorite wine.  Reminisce and snap photos, too!  We’re sure you’ll be glad that you did.

Go bowling or shoot hoops like you used to back in the day. There are plenty of recreational and sports arenas in your neighborhood. So, why not set a fun date with your dad and go there for Father’s Day?

Take him to his favorite pub. It’s a guy thing. A pint or two while you and your dad talk about school – undergraduate or graduate, work, or even your lady love. Time slows down with a cold one at hand. And, made even more special with a great drinking buddy – YOU.

Give your dad a painting of your favorite dad-and-I photograph.  A uniquely sweet take on surprising your old man on Father’s Day. We think that nothing can top this one.

Of course, if you feel like spending and giving your dad much more on this special occasion, then there’s nothing stopping you, is there?

That said, in honour of the most special man in our lives, we give you some of the best gift suggestions that will tickle them pink.


The Man Bauble Kit. Time is precious and deserves to be captured with an equally classic jewellery that best represents your dad.  Match it with a bracelet that has his name engraved on it and, voila!  Dad’s the dashing hero you’ll be gushing about for the rest of your life. Throw in a personalized signet ring to suit the occasion. Remember, choose an insignia that best personifies him and all that he stands for. And, as he suits up, do the honors by accosting him with cufflinks that will match his signet. And, for the final touch, have your old man unwrap a custom-made neckwear. You can choose to pepper the pendant with diamonds or other precious gems in various shapes and sizes.

Men’s Perfume & Hygiene Gift Bag. We are sure your dad has an uber favorite scent that he can never get enough of. That said, why not have a gift bag arranged with your dad’s favorite perfume as the centerpiece? Complemented by an aftershave cologne, hand cream, and what have you. Now, that’s a wow factor your dad will remember for all time.

A Movie Library. You’ve inherited your dad’s passion for movies. In that case, round up his favorite films and group them according to genre – spy films, action-packed flicks, thrillers, suspense, love stories, documentaries, comic relief, et cetera. Throw in a bonus by putting up a wall-mounted DVD shelf right in his viewing room. Just make sure that it compliments the rest of your dad’s furniture. Don’t forget to have it varnished or painted as well.

Rock ‘n Roll Concert Tickets. Okay, we’re sensing that this might be a tall order if your dad’s a Beatle fan. But, as there are plenty of other bands who put rock and roll together beautifully, then we can confidently say that this gift suggestion will make your dad sing to his heart’s delight. Don’t forget to get him the limited edition, autographed CD on your way out of the coliseum.

The latest golf club collection. Sign up for an exclusive country club membership on behalf of your dad and surprise him with a tee-off right there and then. Now that’s how you sink your love for your old man. “Hole in one!”

Got any more gift suggestions? What do you plan to get your dad for Father’s Day?  Send us a line and we’ll be happy to exchange notes with you.