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Diamonds & Colours: How to Tell a Gem’s Truest Worth

When it comes to diamonds, jewellery newbies as well as aficionados need to keep the  4Cs in mind – CARAT, CLARITY, COLOUR and CUT. On this blog entry, we will concentrate and discuss colour.

According to the Gemmological Association of Great Britain (Gem-A), a globally established name in gem and jewellery education, these elements are pivotal when it comes to pointing out subtle or otherwise noticeable in diamonds. It should come first before deciding on setting them in gold, silver, or platinum jewellery.

They also said that, “colour intensity – the deepness or richness of colour, is the most important consideration when purchasing a coloured diamond.

There is a grading system for diamond colours  as well. It ranges from D to ZD being the assigned value to diamonds which are extremely white and rare; and, Z for diamonds which have unwanted hues in them.

Let us walk you through the grades a little further. The diamonds which are rated D, E, and F are all colorless. On the other hand, the stones which were graded G, H, I, and J are nearly colorless.


Diamonds of grade K, L, and M have some color to them – a diminutive hint of yellow, to be exact.

Diamonds graded N, O, P, Q, and R have a stronger tinge of yellow tints in them while grades S through Z graded diamonds are visibly tainted and, unfortunately, highly visible to the naked eye.


The diamonds that fall into this bracket may even take on a brown appearance. They, too, take on a much different shade once they are mounted on particular precious metals.


Getting well-acquainted with the grades will help both jewellery newbies and gem aficionados gauge a diamond’s truest worth.

We strongly advise that you ask your jeweller for a Certificate of Authenticity before you purchase loose diamonds and those which are already set in ready-to-wear jewellery.


Also, it is just as important to keep in touch with a diamond expert. Call House of Diamonds London or send an email to receive more information about these precious stones.


Spark it Up! Your Corporate Getup Coupled with Your Favorite Ring-bling

A woman is never without accessories. She always has a set for every place and occasion – the office, a night out with her man, a night out with her lady friends, and the outdoors.

Today, we shall concentrate on women who are as much of corporate warriors as they are jewelry lovers – ring lovers to be exact!

We came up with easy-to-follow tips on how to pair your office outfit with your rings. Read on and learn, ladies.


Find a RING that COMPLIMENTS your attire.  


This is a very basic principle – lay down a great corporate wear, say a pinstriped skirt-and-blazer ensemble paired with a white inner blouse. Pay attention to the buttons of both the blouse and the blazer. If both are white, then go for a white gold ring. Much better if it has a solitaire diamond on it!

However, if the buttons are yellow, make sure to pick out a gold diamond solitaire ring. Remember, the key word is COMPLIMENTARY. You want to look well put-together and fashion-forward, NOT CLUTTERED and mismatched.

Lastly, based on the attire and ring, put on a pair of earrings, a bracelet, neckwear, and a wristwatch to complete that smashing corporate attire of yours.


Let your RING SHINE.


Fancy a white, silky blouse-and-pencil-cut-skirt number? That’s easy. White blouses and skirts are often paired with either a silver or a white gold ring, alongside other pieces of jewelry.

Silk blouses make a diamond ring set on a white gold band pop! That will make your whole look smashing; and, can easily take you from boardroom meetings to dinner parties later in the evening.

Complete your look with a pair of stud earrings, a simple necklace, a bracelet, and a watch – all of which has to be in white gold or silver.


Do the REVERSE pairing.


Say, you have a House of Diamonds 5-Stone Brilliant Moissanite Engagement Ring in white gold and you want to wear it to work. Here’s what you should do. Let the ring guide you on what to put on for the day.

We’re sure that you’re allowed a day to dress down and look casual. For some offices, especially advertising agencies and publication houses – denims paired with flirty blouses are acceptable.

That said, take out your favorite pair of skinny jeans and match it with a cute-but-romantically styled cotton-candy pink blouse. Finish the ensemble off with nude stilettos.

Now, your ring has to be in good company – a simple pair of earrings, a thin-chained neckwear, a thin-link bracelet, a wristwatch, and YOUR RING. And, you’re all set!

Got any other tips on how to find the right ring for your office attire?  We’d love to hear your thoughts.  Leave us a comment and we’d be more than happy to swap notes with you.

Of Romance and Engagements: How to Tell if She’s the One

So, the two of you have been dating for quite some time now. And, you can’t stand being away from each other – not even for a minute. We totally get it! There is no doubt in your mind – and in ours – that to seal the deal is the ultimate solution.  Get down on one knee already, chap.

Your imagination could hardly contain what you feel inside. Because, you can almost see how things would turn out. The atmosphere will be symphonic as you pop the question. Of course, you hope with all your heart that she smiles and gives you her hand to slip the ring onto. That will make a good story to tell your children, right?

It’s alright to feel nervous before asking for your girlfriend’s hand in marriage. It’s a moment which you can never recreate, after all. So, it is best that you do it with aplomb.

Still feeling a little weak-kneed? Don’t worry, chap. We got your back. Let us help you figure out how ready you really are.


You know you’re ready to propose when you openly discuss finances with your girlfriend.


You love each other and there is no question about that. But, when it comes to relationships, money matters are just as serious as the bond between you two.

Even if you’re both filthy rich, you should be in the know of both your financial situations. Money matters like debt or being cash-strapped could be a source of contention in your marriage.

Okay, you really don’t need to know each other’s salaries – right down to the dime. But, it would make your union more meaningful and trusting if you’re open about your savings, at the very least.


…when you share ALL your milestones with her.


That cannot-wait-to-tell-her-about-it feeling is a surefire way of gauging your readiness to propose. Desiring to tell her how your boss praised you for all your hard work? Wanting to call her up as soon as you get a raise? These thoughts tickle you pink as you go about your office duties or while you drive home.

They send tingling sensations down your spine and that’s good! You know why? Because, you are open to sharing with her ALL that is important to you and to the family that you will raise together.


…when you have had talks concerning the future.


Have you ever talked about going on a vacation together this summer? What about your plans for the next ten years?

If you and your girlfriend speak naturally and sincerely about your future together, then that clearly gives you the green light to propose! Just the thought of spending the rest of your lives together sends you to the moon. Better think about what ring to surprise her with.


…when she is FULLY AWARE of ALL your ambitions.

man-542322_1280 Cropped

We all have ambitions in life – from quitting smoking and liquor to pursuing a graduate degree, for instance.

If your aspirations do not pose any form of conflict with those of your girlfriend, then, chap, that is another sign that you are ready to put a ring on her finger. And wow, have we got the most intricately-designed rings guaranteed to blow her away. Check them out here.

Whether you’re planning to invest your savings to start your own business or thinking about killing time in the Sahara Desert, it’s best to let your girlfriend in so that she knows what she will get herself into right after the wedding.


…when your friends cheer you on and push you towards the wedding zone.


Let’s face it, my man. We’ve gotten to know a few women whom our friends do not approve of. Whether the reasons were made known to you or not, your relationship with your girlfriend and your guy friends hang in a critical balance when they don’t get along. That’s going to put on a strain on you as well.

So, a strong indication of your readiness to propose is this – that the woman you are currently with is THE woman you strongly feel you can grow old with and, at the same time, is in healthy terms with all your friends.


…when you know in your heart that she will say YES.


This may seem obvious, especially since you have been a couple for a long time.

Here’s the deal – if you feel that the chance of her accepting your proposal is a bit off the radar, then it’s best to ask at another time. Don’t try to steady the ups-and-downs of your relationship by popping the question. If you propose just to fix some things, then, chances are, she might turn you down. Or, she might accept but regret having done so later on. We don’t want you to get your marriage-ready heart broken so be careful and pay attention to your proposal’s timing.

Simply put, ask for her hand in marriage when you know you’re both on the same page about spending your lives together and NOT when you’re trying to save a relationship that has gone bad.


…when she brings up House of Diamonds and other bridal things and you’re okay with it.

HoD diamonds Cropped

And why not? You yourself ARE getting ready to propose to her! It would be truly helpful if she drops hints on what kind of ring she would like to see on her finger.

Is it a diamond ring she dreams of? How about a birthstone engagement ring? How many stones do you think she is into? What color band would she prefer? How radiant-looking  will she be on your wedding day?

These things don’t bother you, no sir. Not one bit.  In fact, you welcome the hints with a song in your heart, as you endeavor nothing but her happiness and your anticipation of your life as a married couple.

A fine gentleman such as yourself shouldn’t feel nervous about asking your lady love if she is ready for marriage.

Take a deep breath, gather your thoughts, pick the best time to ask, and drop on one knee. We guarantee that it will be one of the sweetest things you two will experience and more.

Best of luck!


One’s Weight in Gold: How to Tell if You’re Being Scammed by Your Jeweler

This age-old saying holds true for just about any aspect in life – especially when choosing and buying jewelry for your special someone. So, we are here to educate as well as equip you in order for you to defend your loved one’s honor and your hard-earned money against bogus jewelers.


The Blue-White Diamond Trick

diamond-315152_1280 Cropped

This is a very old term that scammers use. Here is what the dealer does – he will probably tell you that it IS a better diamond.  But, truth of the matter is,  it is NOT.

“Blue-white” refers to the fluorescence that results in natural light; and, appears to have ultraviolet wavelengths. Further, the fluorescence can make a colorless diamond look a little oily or milky against the light. This scam can get you to buy a sub-standard diamond since it is not of the real value.

The solution? WALK AWAY. Avoid jewelers of this kind, as it is obvious that they have scammed a lot of customers.


The Carat-Total-Weight Sham

ring-441783_1280 Cropped

You’ll see this “tag” in plenty of jewelry retail stores of diamonds in a ring. They make sure NOT to enlist the center stone separately. It’s just impossible to compare prices with several other rings IF you do not know the REAL weight and quality of the main diamond.

Pay attention because this is crucial. One large diamond is worth MUCH MORE than 6 small ones that total the same weight.

For example, if you have one G/VS2 diamond which weighs 1.00 carat, then it has to cost over £3,000. But, ten smaller G/VS2 diamonds totalling 1.00 carat might only be worth a little over £1,000. So, there’s your scam right there! Simply because the smaller diamonds in most stores are of lower quality – much lower than this example, actually.

The solution? Ask for the weight and quality of the center stone itself, in writing. Don’t be afraid to head for the exit if they refuse to do it. After all, it is best to put your interest on top of theirs.


The 50%-Sale “Offer”

fifty-706883_1280 Cropped

This isn’t a sweet deal. Chances are, the jeweler is DESPERATE to make a sale. And, if you’re not careful, you will fall victim to this kind of scam and may part with a good amount of money. Honestly, there is nothing romantic about this setup.

Rumor has it that a major jewelry store in Florida, U.S.A. marked up their gold chains up from $100 to $500 AND THEN marked them half-price down for a sale. That said, a customer ended up paying for $250 for an item which was originally pegged at only $100.

Things are no different when it comes to diamonds on sale. Liquidation and “going out of business” tactics are usually employed by most jewelers, particularly in New York City. It’s been going on for 15 years, in fact.  But, hey, don’t expect them to tell you that!

The solution? Don’t fall for any of these sale offers. Go for the regular-tagged jewelry and negotiate with the store wisely. Better yet, get in touch with the REAL EXPERTS in diamond-and-gold crafting! We aren’t called House of Diamonds for nothing, after all.


The “Bait-and-Switch” Act

rings-481143_1280 Cropped

This trick is as old as the blue-white diamond scam and is still being employed by many stores. The Office of Fair Trade (TOFT) has outlawed such scam. Unfortunately, it still happens as it is hard to keep track of all 25,000 jewelry stores in the U.K. and in U.S.A.

The scam takes place when a store advertises a diamond at a great price.  But, as soon as you get to the store, your dream find is tagged “sold.” What the jeweler will do is offer you an item, which looks “more exquisite” and more expensive.

They bait you with a fake offer AND switch you to a piece of jewelry that brings them the highest profit.

The solution? If the item you want is unavailable, don’t settle for something else. If the store can’t give you exactly what you came for, then head straight for the door. It is your right as a buyer.


The “Light-Makes-White” Scam

diamond-705126_1280 Cropped

Selling diamonds is likened to going out on a date. The man puts on his best behavior to please the woman he sets his eyes and heart on. The jeweler applies the same “dating concept.” This time, however, he shines his brightest light on the diamond-encrusted-gold band you have set your eyes on for a higher price. Now, that’s heartbreaking.

You see,  bright lights make each piece of jewelry look better. Of course, every jeweler wants to show his diamonds in the best light; but, there are some lighting tricks you should avoid.

Some bulbs have a strong blue-color component that makes yellow stones look whiter. Other jewelers use special bulbs with strong ultraviolet wavelengths that make most diamonds fluoresce blue. This trick can also whiten some stones of lower color ranges.

The solution? ALWAYS ask if the diamond has fluorescence; and, ask to see the piece of jewelry without the bright lights in another part of the store before you buy it. And, DO ask for a certificate from an independent laboratory to verify the grade if you are looking for a fine color. The laboratories make it a point to mention any sign of fluorescence. If the store agrees, proceed with the purchase. If not, LEAVE.


The “Grade Bumping” Scam

rings-378063_1280 Cropped

Just about every jeweler you will meet WILL exaggerate ALL grades in his store.

If a jeweler does not offer you a certificate from organizations like The Gemmological Association of Great Britain (Gem-A), then, clearly, he is exaggerating the grade. There are no exceptions. The TOFT states that a jeweler must be accurate within one grade of color and one grade of clarity on a diamond.

This means they can be inaccurate to one color and clarity. And there are no strict guidelines given in the law for which lab definitions to use. So, many jewelers may “legally” bump the color and clarity of a diamond by 1-2 grades, at the very least.

One of the ways stores extend their legal range, is by giving you a “G-H color,” for instance. That means they can legally call an I color a G-H. In fact, because it is hard for consumers to prove misgrading, we have seen grades bumped as much as 3 to 4, or even more!

Stores, in several occasions, grade L colored-diamonds as a G, which is 5 grades higher. Unfortunately, this can mean a great deal of money if you are talking about a fine-quality, 1-carat diamond.

The solution? If you are looking for a fine-quality diamond, insist on a recent certificate from respected gemological institutions like the Gem-A. And, remember to compare prices of other stones bearing the exact same certificates.

Have you been scammed recently? Tell us and we’ll be sure to give you more tips on how to dodge scheming jewelers. Drop us a line, will you?

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The 10 best reasons why a woman says “I do”

There are many reasons why a woman would say “I do”.  For every women it’s very different what may or may not be an important factor in the marriage process.

Some women could think a man is desirable because he is rich, buys the biggest diamond, or has a high status job. Others may fixate on finding a man that is good looking and powerful. Maybe he drives a nice car? perhaps he is amazing in bed! Maybe all of the above? And yes, while all of these attributes are very appealing, most women would probably agree that more than money and material make a real man. A man you could actually say “I do” to and mean it!!

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