A ring on her finger occupies the mind of most women at some stage in their life. This is not only because we desire something beautiful to display to others, but also because of what it symbolises today, the love of another. The sheer romantic notion that somebody wants to spend the rest of their life with you, only you! and the declaration of this to the world unveiled through the uniqueness of that chosen ring.

The idea of the engagement ring has become a way of life, and the tradition of where the original concept behind this is not something that most people have thought about.

As far back as the prehistoric times, cavemen would wrap braided grass around their intended mates wrists, ankles or waist. Although not an act of romance, anthropologists believe that this ritual to the man was carried out in order to bring the females spirit under control.

The word betrothed originates from the Anglo saxon word ‘Troweth’, meaning ‘Truth’. A ring in medieval times would have been given to signal that a women was promised to another. If a couple were considered betrothed, they shared a pledge to marry. However, this in those days was more of a business proposition than that of a romantic notion.


Interestingly, Romans gave rings to represent strength and dependability. It was infact the Greeks that introduced the theory that the ring should be worn on the fourth finger of the left hand. It was believed that the vein of love was connected from this finger to the heart and was known as ‘Vena Amoris’.

The romantic symbolism for the engagement ring is often thought to have been established by the Ancient Egyptians. The ring for them represented a couples endless circle of love, and the empty space in the circle represented the gateway to their longing future together.

As the ages have progressed the engagement ring now carries an essential status in its importance and should be worn with pride. It is without question a very personal and intimate part of the marital process. Although today’s style of ring and the sentiment behind it has developed somewhat, the history of the engagement ring holds a beauty all of its own.

Today the most fashionable engagement ring often involves a diamond! Diamonds represent strength and beauty. They are perfectly matched to enhance any outfit and compliment any colour. After De Beers launched their campaign’ A Diamond Is Forever’, the increased superiority of the diamond engagement ring has been accentuated. The durability of the diamond represents the idea that a marriage is forever, while the clarity signifies a mans purity of love and commitment to the women he loves.

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