5 extraordinary engagement ring ideas

Proposing comes with many different ideas and suggestions. Everyone is different in their thinking, and, of course, this is what makes us human after all. So do you have plans to pop the big questions? Are you going to buy a diamond ring, or maybe you want to think about something more memorable?

We have put some ideas together to show you that it doesn’t always have to be a diamond ring.

1. The Lego engagement ring.

Do you remember those childhood moments filled with building everything you could imagine? Yes! the mighty Lego engagement ring. Think of all the designs and colours you can create. We think this is a great idea that will put a smile on her face.
lego engagement ring

2. The mighty gemstone ring

Gemstones are very colourful and beautiful alternatives to the diamond. You might want to think about your partners favourite colour or shape and maybe consider getting something different. There are many stunning examples to choose from with different retailers offering up so many ideas and designs.

3. Say it with plastic

Ok, did we just go below the belt? maybe you can use this one as a laughable gesture but you can buy these types of rings online for a few quid. She might think you pulled it out of a 20p egg from the local sweet shop. However, does it matter? think about how you are going to propose and maybe you can save up for something a little more tasteful in the future. I’m sure you will both have a good laugh about it, in those long years of happiness together.

plastic engagement ring

4. Just one big diamond

So you have a little cash left over in that swiss bank account. Maybe you could purchase a sold diamond ring made of a huge diamond. The Shawish’s 150-carat diamond masterpiece is vowed to last an eternity. It’s $70 million ‘dream’ ring that will guarantee a smile and a YES!

5. Get matching tats

This can just feel right for many people. The matching tattoo’s can really compliment a couple’s idea of everlasting love. However, a tattoo is for life, not just for an engagement party.
tattoo engagement ring

There you have it. 5 alternative ideas for engagement rings. Leave a comment and let us know what you think.

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  1. What a great set of rings. Love these. The lego one is amazing. Not seen anything like these before x

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