MonthApril 2015

How to select the correct diamond

There are many aspects to consider when choosing the perfect diamond for you or your partner. Without question, the most important consideration is personal preference. The reason behind what may attract someone to any given diamond ring is rarely questioned. It either catches your eye or it doesn’t! and individual taste is the one thing that remains pure, having no suggested guidelines or rules.
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5 extraordinary engagement ring ideas

Proposing comes with many different ideas and suggestions. Everyone is different in their thinking, and, of course, this is what makes us human after all. So do you have plans to pop the big questions? Are you going to buy a diamond ring, or maybe you want to think about something more memorable?
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The 10 best reasons why a woman says “I do”

There are many reasons why a woman would say “I do”.  For every women it’s very different what may or may not be an important factor in the marriage process.

Some women could think a man is desirable because he is rich, buys the biggest diamond, or has a high status job. Others may fixate on finding a man that is good looking and powerful. Maybe he drives a nice car? perhaps he is amazing in bed! Maybe all of the above? And yes, while all of these attributes are very appealing, most women would probably agree that more than money and material make a real man. A man you could actually say “I do” to and mean it!!

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